Thomas Wydler – Soulsheriff

What to expect from Thomas Wydler, the jazzier of the Bad Seeds’ two stickmen? Certainly not a flatulent drumfest à la Cozy Powell’s Dance with the Devil – although, given that his cohorts’ various solo hootenannies have ranged from Serge Gainsbourg covers (Mick Harvey) to road-drill white noise (Blixa Bargeld), we should rule nothing out. Cave originally pilfered Wydler, a German-speaking Swiss, circa 1985 from ultra-dark Berliner experimentalists Die Haut, with whom he intermittently croaked a few numbers. Wydler’s first self-attributed record, after all these years, reimagines Die Haut’s macabre, noirish atmospheres, in full Cinemascopic sound. Echoes, too, of ex-Seed Barry Adamson’s vocal-free early gear, and dingy bass-heavy groovers like Andrew Weatherall’s Sabres Of Paradise and Red Snapper. We’re talking seriously filmic – on twangsome The Unreturning, it’s Henry Mancini on Woodstock.vintage brown acid. If only they made movies sufficiently diseased to warrant such a soundtrack.
Andrew Perry – Mojo Magazine